Angelo VignolaExpert Witness

Angelo Vignola is an established trading professional with extensive experience in Equities, Futures and Options.  With more than 30 years of trading experience, he has significant knowledge of the financial, energy and agricultural industries.  Angelo held the role of Floor Trader on the Chicago Board of Trade/CME, and at The Chicago Board Options Exchange.

Mr. Vignola has served as an Adjunct Faculty member at Loyola University in Chicago for the past 16 years, where he has:

  • Conducted college level courses to students on equities, futures and options.
  • Developed and taught options courses utilizing the Black-Scholes model for hedging purposes.
  • Taught intensive Investment and Portfolio Management courses combining various investment models.

His professional registration and Board Affiliations include:

  • Registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission
  • Member of the National Futures Association
  • Member CME Business Conduct Committee
  • Member CME Probable Cause Committee
  • Member Northwestern University Futures Advisory Board


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