Data Analytics

Data analytics serves as the cornerstone of our business.

CFI is recognized for its ability to capture, analyze, simplify and explain complex or large sets of data. This helps clients understand a situation, establish a reliable course of action and support a position.

At CFI, we are constantly exploring new technologies and methods to further strengthen our ability to make data more accessible, understandable and actionable for clients. CFI’s data analysts and subject matter experts work collaboratively to ensure that our reports are accurate, comprehensive and effective.

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Data Analytics Capabilities

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Litigation & Arbitration

Litigation & Arbitration

  • Examination and analysis of relevant data
  • Case assessment and preparation; development of hypothetical scenarios
  • Customized P&L reports to rebut arguments, or support mediations and arbitrations

Internal Reviews

Internal Reviews

  • Programs designed to surveil and monitor individuals, teams, branches or entire firms
  • Concentration review by product, distributor, branch or Advisor
  • Reviews for adherence to best practices and compliance policies White type for extra line



  • Customized reports for auditors, regulators or mandatory reporting requirements
  • Responses to industry-specific inquiries involving topics of concern to regulators White type to make extra line. Still need more type..

Account Analysis

Account Analysis

  • Forensic analysis of trading activity, cash flows, transfers and performance
  • Product-specific concentration reviews
  • Mutual Fund share class reviews
  • Client contacts – CRM reviews White copy to add 

Customized Reports

Customized Reports

  • Compensation and account performance reviews
  • Fund comparison analysis
  • Design and implementation of customized exception reporting
  • P&L reports specific to each issue
  • Portfolio of arbitration tools and data

Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

  • Collection and analysis of complex and/or large data sets relevant for litigation or investigations
  • Data diagnostics, including statistical and empirical analyses
  • We manage millions of lines of data for each project

CFI's subject matter experts are recognized as industry authorities in some or all of these areas.

Data Analytics Case Studies

These three representative examples of our data analytics capabilities are part of a portfolio of thousands of assignments CFI has managed over the past 25 years. We welcome the opportunity to share other examples of our work.

CFI validated 70 GB of data, representing 47 million transactions over a 6-year period, for a large insurance company with an independent broker-dealer. The data involved 20,000 Rep ID codes, and 218 million positions, across more than 500 mutual fund families. CFI reviewed this enormous volume of transactions to evaluate compliance with each fund family’s rules for fee waivers.

As a result, CFI enabled its client to ascertain which of its customers qualified for a fee-waiver, and also calculated the remediation for those who were affected.

For a large national broker-dealer, CFI conducted a detailed analysis of a Financial Advisor’s activity, looking for losses related to concentration in small cap energy stocks. CFI’s review examined monthly statements for nearly 500 customer accounts, involving 216,000 transactions over a 4-year period, representing 100 MB of data.

This in-depth analysis of product-specific concentration within accounts and households enabled CFI to accurately calculate the losses for those accounts.

CFI assisted a large national broker-dealer with responding to an SEC inquiry. Here, we reviewed all of the Firm’s mutual fund transactions over a 6-year period, which included all transactions in more than 6 million separate accounts, involving 257 million lines of data.

CFI provided comprehensive testing and analysis, and a detailed review of policies and procedures for monitoring of market-timing within the Firm’s mutual funds. The broker-dealer was then able to validate conclusively for the SEC that their internal controls for market-timing were operational and effective.

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Simplifying Complex Data

Data is effective only if it can be easily understood. CFI is skilled at converting complex data into reports and presentations that communicate and persuade in a credible, effective manner.

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CFI examined more than 500,000 senior customer accounts covering a 5-year period, to identify potential suitability and concentration issues.

Data Security

Protection of client data is a priority at CFI. We take every step necessary to ensure that our systems, policies and procedures meet or exceed the highest security standards of the financial services industry. We conduct regular SOC 2 audits annually to ensure proper controls for security and confidentiality. Additionally, CFI applies intrusion protection systems to guard against known threats, and performs internal vulnerability scans and external intrusion testing to ensure network security.

CFI maintains a disaster recovery plan which is tested regularly, to ensure data integrity should a disaster occur. Clients are welcome to visit our facilities to review our data security measures and environment.

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