ArbSelector®-- Proven and Perfected Over 10 Years

ArbSelector® is a comprehensive, interactive tool that enables legal counsel to make fully informed, strategic decisions in their selection of FINRA arbitrators. Over the past decade, ArbSelector® has become recognized as the industry standard for this important due diligence task.

Based on an unmatched volume of case data, as well as arbitrator insights available from no other source, ArbSelector® enables counsel and paralegal professionals to quickly and cost-effectively perform side-by-side evaluations of arbitrators, and to help you select the most effective panel of arbitrators.

Most importantly, ArbSelector® delivers a level of detail, accuracy and integrity that’s consistent with the professional stature of those who rely on it to succeed in arbitration.


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Key Features of ArbSelector®

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    <b>Reports identify each potential FINRA arbitrator’s awards, key cases and red flags</b> – ranking each prospective panelist, based on 10 different metrics.

  • <b>Online viewer, with download capability, </b>provides easy access to reports through a secure portal.

  • <b>Intuitive navigation,</b> featuring side-by-side comparisons, and supporting documents and disclosure reports one click away.

  • <b>Downloadable final report</b> facilitates client communication, settlement negotiations and mediation.

  • <b>Supplemental reports</b> deliver case history results of attorneys for both claimants and respondents, and case-specific issues and awards related to each Arbitrator.

  • <b>Proprietary, objective feedback,</b> on 3rd party experience with specific arbitrators, provided to clients on a discrete basis.

  • <b>Customer cases are always distinguished from Employment cases,</b> so that each arbitrator can be more accurately assessed.

  • <b>Weekly notification </b>of any new awards involving your arbitrators through the duration of the case.

  • <b>Intuitive charts and graphs </b>to increase understanding of data.

State-of-the-art due diligence in arbitrator selection

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What ArbSelector® Clients Say...

Don’t take our word for the critical role that ArbSelector® plays in selecting the most appropriate arbitrators for your case. We are happy to provide contact information for clients who will vouch for the value and reliability of ArbSelector®.

The confidential nature of our business requires that we maintain discretion regarding our client list.
We would be happy to provide qualified prospects with contact information on our current and former clients.

How ArbSelector® Works

You provide CFI with the list of prospective arbitrators supplied by FINRA, related to your specific case, as soon as those names are available to you.


This is a comprehensive, side-by-side comparison of selected FINRA arbitrators, based on important ranking criteria, including key ratios from prior awards.

Once the panel is finalized, we continually monitor each panelist, and notify you on a weekly basis of any new awards involving your arbitrators — providing ongoing due diligence throughout the duration of your case.

A Deep Inventory of Supplemental Reports

For many ArbSelector® clients, our basic report provides all the information they require to make a well-informed decision regarding selection of FINRA arbitrators. Some clients, particularly when it involves high-stakes, complex or high-visibility situations, also take advantage of the ArbSelector® Supplemental Reports.

These detailed reports provide in-depth analyses covering a range of issues, including:

Claimant Attorney / Firm History

Arbitrator / Attorney Cross Referencing

Arbitrator / Brokerage Firm Cross Referencing

Product / Issue Cross Referencing

Arbitrators Working Together Analysis

Million Dollar Decisions

Reasoned Awards

First-hand Experience with Arbitrators

In addition to these detailed reports, we can perform customized research to address your requirements.

ArbSelector® is a highly flexible research tool. Depending upon your unique priorities and preferences, many of the weightings for the ArbSelector® metrics can be adjusted to provide customized rankings.

Our Other Arbitration Tools

In addition to ArbSelector®, our portfolio of tools designed to address your arbitration
needs include:

ArbReporter® is a weekly email communication – sent as a courtesy to Capital Forensics’ clients and other industry professionals upon request – that provides a comprehensive report of all FINRA awards from the prior week. ArbReporter® is a convenient tool for keeping up-to-date on FINRA arbitration activity. Extracted directly from FINRA records, ArbReporter® contains all of the essential information, covering the nature of the case; relief requests; all arbitrators involved; claimant and respondent; case disposition including any award amount and other damages; dissenting opinions; attorney names and affiliations. SUBSCRIBE HERE.

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MockArb® is a proprietary process designed to provide legal counsel and their clients with valuable, first-hand insights into the case-related issues and human factors that are most likely to drive the outcome of a high-stakes arbitration decision. With this reliable barometer of how an arbitration panel is likely to rule, legal counsel are well prepared to develop an effective arbitration or settlement strategy. LEARN MORE

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