Our Suite of Services


Data analytics serves as the cornerstone of our business. CFI is recognized for its ability to capture, analyze, simplify and explain complex or large sets of data. This helps clients understand a situation, establish a course of action and support a position. CFI’s data analysts and subject matter experts work collaboratively to ensure that our reports are accurate, comprehensive and effective.


Capital Forensics is engaged by respected firms and their legal advisors to help resolve complex issues, involving significant financial and reputational risks.  CFI has decades of experience in all aspects of litigation and case resolution. This incorporates early dispute resolution, mediation and arbitration (including arbitrator rankings) based on complaints, as well as litigation in state and federal courts.

Compliance, Regulatory & Risk Management

CFI provides a complete suite of compliance, regulatory and risk management consulting services tailored to meet the needs of financial services firms. We are a proven partner for clients seeking assistance with high stakes and time-sensitive issues. Our team consists of former regulators, compliance officers, general counsels, supervisory principals, auditors and industry professionals.

Fraud & Forensic Investigations

Fraud, disputes and allegations of corruption require expert examination of books, documentation, records and agreements to determine what has occurred. CFI’s team of forensic accounting professionals provides clients with the insight, direction and practical guidance to identify and address financial misconduct, record tampering, anti-corruption, investment schemes and fraud.