Replay of Advanced Techniques for Virtual Hearings Webinar

If you were unable to join the nearly 200 professionals who registered to attend this important webinar live on April 7th, you can still benefit from the insights and guidance of Advanced Techniques for Virtual Hearings, which featured panelists who possess extensive experience in virtual FINRA hearings.

As we return to a more “normal” business environment, many legal practitioners, courts and regulators have expressed their intentions to continue using virtual hearings, as a way to save time and money, and to expedite their cases. To learn how these seasoned practitioners apply advanced techniques to make hearings more effective, WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE.

This hour-long webinar features in-depth perspectives that cover mock arbitrations, confidentiality considerations, optimal ways to share exhibits, and other techniques that are highly effective in virtual securities arbitrations. We invite you to take advantage of this second opportunity to benefit from their experience.