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Capital Forensics, Inc. Publishes Comprehensive Guide To Understanding And Applying Mock Arbitration

“Mock Arbitration: A Blueprint for Risk Mitigation” Provides Legal Counsel With Insights into How MockArb® Process Can Improve Outcomes in Actual Client Arbitrations

PALATINE, Ill.Feb. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Capital Forensics, Inc. (CFI) announced today that the Firm has published “Mock Arbitration: A Blueprint for Risk Mitigation.” The 34-page comprehensive Report is designed to help legal counsel understand, apply and benefit from the mock arbitration process, by anticipating and preparing for how arbitrators are likely to rule in an actual client arbitration.

Mock Arbitration, or MockArb®, is similar in concept to mock trials, in which attorneys prepare for a case by presenting a hypothetical version of the actual dispute before a panel of mock arbitrators, to gain feedback and insights into their argument and presentation, as well as the opposition’s anticipated argument. The process provides counsel with a reasoned perspective on the state of mind that the arbitration panel will likely bring to the actual case, including any potential biases or predispositions. MockArb® can often provide counsel with a strategic advantage over their opponents.

The extensively researched Report – written by CFI Founder and Chairman Emeritus Jay Rosen – reflects his 25 years of experience at CFI; having testified in hundreds of arbitrations, and evaluated thousands of cases and individual arbitrators. According to Mr. Rosen, “It’s nearly impossible to forecast the outcome of any arbitration. However, there are specific steps that can be taken, using our tested MockArb®; process, to increase the likelihood of a favorable arbitration outcome; which is the purpose of this Report. This blueprint for success is particularly important when the stakes involved in a particular case are high.”

CFI’s new Report – which is available on request, as a professional courtesy to attorneys – is designed to serve as a practical handbook for legal counsel interested in learning why, when and how to structure and manage a mock arbitration. Major sections include:

  • The Case for Mock Arbitration
  • Building a Mock Arbitration Strategy
  • Tactical Implementation of MockArb®
  • Arbitration Logistics

To request a complimentary copy of “Mock Arbitration: A Blueprint for Risk Mitigation,” contact Eric Siber, Managing Director, at eric.siber@capitalforensics.com or call (847) 392-0900.